2022 updates

 2022 updates to our adult BJJ intermediate and advanced classes


It is very important for martial artist, and people in general, to always be looking for ways to improve themselves, and this is the same for a martial arts academy.  Now that we have gotten through the Covid-19 pandemic, it is time for some updates to our intermediate and advanced classes. We wanted to give everyone who is taking these classes a heads up on a few changes you will see. All of the coaches are excited for these changes, and we look forward to sharing them with you.

Intermediate class

We are excited to add some new techniques to the intermediate curriculum that represent the newest concepts that are emerging in the jiu-jitsu world. We will now be teaching a similar class for two weeks rather than one week, with the class adding techniques as it progresses over the two week period. Another thing you will see is more flow drills, where one technique will link to another. This will help the intermediate student get more reps in on essential techniques. Lastly, we will now have intermediate classes Monday-Thursday in the evening, with Monday and Wednesday focusing on the gi, and Tuesday and Thursday focusing on no gi.

Advanced class

Our main change in our advanced classes is we will offer a positional study for six weeks to two months depending on the depth of the material. For example an instructor may decide to do a study on attacks from the back. The techniques will build on each other over the time period they are taught, giving the advanced student a good understanding of the position. Each advanced instructor will now choose what they want to show, rather than following a set curriculum, this will allow them to be more creative, which we feel will be beneficial for the students. One of the important things with this new format is for our advanced students to be as consistent in attending classes as they can. This way they can keep up with the class and understand what was shown previously. Similar to our intermediate classes we will now offer  advanced classes Monday-Thursday in the evening, with Monday and Wednesday focusing on the gi, and Tuesday and Thursday focusing on no gi. In our no gi advanced classes we will be focusing more on leg attacks, so that all of our students have a good understand of this exciting and growing area of BJJ.

We believe that these updates will take our program to the next level, and that they will be great for the growth and development of our intermediate and advanced students. Thank you for your continued support of our school, we look forward to seeing you on the mats soon!


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