Your Child's First Class

at McMahon

Your First Day

Congratulations on enrolling your child in a complimentary class! One of our staff members will be in contact soon to gather your child's name and arrange their first session. A day before the class, they will reach out to confirm the details and send you a digital waiver. If you prefer to sign waivers and ask questions in person, we ask that you arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled session.

On the day of the class, we kindly request that you arrive 15 minutes early so we can show you the facility and explain to you and your child the flow of the class. For the safety and protection of all participants, your child must come appropriately dressed and prepared with any additional equipment that is needed.

Trainer helping kickboxing fighter to put on gloves before competition, closeup

Kids Who Train at McMahon Training Center

Do Better in School

  • Become bully proof
  • Typically Earn Better Grades
  • Behave with more self-control

Do Better in Social Situations

  • Develop self responsibility
  • Keep safe in difficult situations
  • Develop good sportsmanship

Do Better in Life

  • Learn goal setting
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Manage conflict

Boost Confidence

We understand that martial arts can be daunting for first-time participants, so we allocate extra time to acquaint ourselves with your child and ensure their comfort. Depending on the class your child is participating in, they will be provided with boxing gloves and shin guards and introduced to their coaches.

The class will commence with a focused warm-up that includes calisthenics and dynamic stretching for Jui Jitsu and group shadowboxing, and learning to count in Thai for Muay Thai.

No matter what program your child participates in they will practice and drill fundamental techniques, and learn to train safely and effectively with their fellow teammates through individual and partnered work.

We look forward to meeting you! Please call if you have additional questions.



CHANG, THAILAND - FEB 22: Unidentified Muaythai fighter in ring during match (black and white high-contrast series), Feb 22, 2013 on Chang, Thailand. For many Thai men, Muaythai only way to break out of poverty, per battle pay to 7000 baht.