Kids Muay Thai Kickboxing

Elevate your child's confidence, fitness, and self-defense skills with our specialized Muay Thai classes for kids in Fort Collins. Tailored for ages 7-15, these dynamic sessions guarantee a great time while providing essential martial arts training. Enroll your child today to experience McMahons unique blend of fun and exercise.

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Our Classes

Muay Thai is a form of boxing that originated in Thailand and is also known as the "art of eight limbs." Your kids will learn the ins and outs of stand-up striking, while getting a full-body workout. From your child's very first class, they'll have a blast learning exciting Muay Thai techniques, meeting new friends, and begin to learn important values like respect, perseverance, and how to fight through any obstacle!

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McMahon Kids Muay Thai striking

Kids Who Train Muay Thai Kickboxing at Mcmahon Training Center

Do Better in School

  • Become bully proof
  • Typically Earn Better Grades
  • Behave with more self-control

Do Better in Social Situations

  • Develop self responsibility
  • Keep safe in difficult situations
  • Develop good sportsmanship

Do Better in Life

  • Learn goal setting
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Manage conflict
McMahon Kids Muay Thai Girl

Improve Fitness

Muay Thai kickboxing keeps kids moving as it teaches striking with a variety of punches, kicks, elbow, and knee strikes.  We guide our students through simple warm-ups like squats and push-ups to prepare for techniques with partners, coaches, or heavy bags. Attending regular classes builds strength and endurance in our students.

Boost Confidence

Early confidence builders are imperative for kids’ esteem and success as they develop. Muay Thai kickboxing helps kids master skills and provides challenges to test their ability to adapt and use what they know.

McMahon Kids Muay Thai Kick
McMahon Kids Muay Thai Elle Kick


Muay Thai kickboxing will arm your child not only with the skills to defend themselves through punches and kicks but also a discernment for when to use them. This balance is empowering and future attributes to confidence.

Builds Mental Toughness

Knowing how to direct their energy appropriately and defend themselves on their feet will not only help your child navigate emotional stressors but build resilience through discipline. Muay Thail kickboxing allows students to test their limits and persevere with appropriate and motivating coaching.

McMahon Kids Muay Thai Mid Kick

What to expect for your child’s first class at McMahon:

Congratulations on enrolling your child in a complimentary class! One of our staff members will be in contact soon to gather your child's name and arrange their first class. They will reach out the day before to confirm the details, and send you a digital waiver.

On the day of the class, we kindly request that you arrive 15 minutes early so we can show you the facility and explain to you and your child the flow of the class. Depending on which class they’re taking, we give them boxing gloves or a Gi to use, and introduce them to their coach, who will introduce them to other students in the class.

The class commences with some calisthenics and a few fundamental techniques to get everyone warmed up, and then the instructor will pair students up. All of our students understand the significance and responsibility of assuming the role of the more skilled partner, and looking out for their fellow teammate.

Students observe the instructor showcase a technique, and then they practice it with their partner, while the coaches circulate to offer assistance to everyone. In the final segment of the class, students engage in live wrestling rounds, putting into action the techniques they acquired during the class!