Muay Thai Kickboxing Int/adv Programs

Muay Thai fort collins

Our more advanced Muay Thai classes are targeted toward students who have completed our Muay Thai Kickboxing fundamentals program or have previous experience with Muay Thai. These classes focus on honing these skills, drilling more advanced techniques, and building up a competitive striking game. Instead of working with the heavy bags, Muay Thai students work exclusively with partners, holding Thai pads for each other to strike. Our more advanced Muay Thai classes are broken down into three levels.

Muay Thai Intermediate

Students will learn how to hold and hit focus mitts and Thai pads. They will understand the role of the pad holder in training, learn basic defense, and how to properly drill with partners using protective gear.

Muay Thai Advanced

This class is for students who have completed our Muay Thai Intermediate class and are looking for more of a challenge. This class is 90-minutes long and includes warm-up, pad work, partner drills, and some sparring drills. More striking offense will be taught in this class and you will see most of our instructors training here.

Competition Team Training

This class is generally by invite/approval from the coaching staff, and is intended to develop students for smokers and other competitions. This class will include technical sparring sessions, drilling and strategy sessions, conditioning sessions, as well as heavier sparring days.

Muay Thai fort collins

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