Coach Mitch Gore

Coach Mitch began his BJJ training with the Yamasaki Academy under Francisco Neto, Fernando Yamasaki, and Sir Maurice Allen in the Washington D.C. area. During this time, he was the Director of Youth Development for Lee-Mount Vernon Sports Club where he facilitated and organized youth soccer and basketball leagues with various training sessions and camps for 250+ children from 2-18 years old. He was directly responsible for the technical development of coaches and players to promote the overall goals of the club while creating a positive rapport with the community by forming relationships with local public schools, day-cares, and privately-owned businesses. In 2016 he moved to Fort Collins and began training here at the McMahon Training Center and is now one of the main teachers of the Little Champs and Jr. Grapplers programs. He is a brown belt in BJJ and has competed in several local tournaments. His martial arts journey and love for teaching will continue as he strives to reach the best version of himself.

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