Below are the steps to join our Zoom classes

First, relax and be patient, this is a new endeavor for all of us, and working with new technology can be challenging.

Second, click below to view our weekly Zoom class schedule starting Monday, April 27th.

Third, click on (view details) below the class that you or your child would like to attend.

Fourth, the class description will pop up, this is where the link and password for the Zoom class is.

Fifth, copy the password and then click on the Zoom link. If you have not already downloaded Zoom it will prompt you to so so at this point. Once you have downloaded Zoom you are ready to go. Your computer will ask you a few questions regarding video and audio and then you can join.


*We will also be live streaming our Zoom classes to Facebook and there will be a link to join the Zoom class in the description.


We look forward to working with you or your child on Zoom!