5 Reasons to Take a Self-Defense Class

Having the ability to protect yourself from a dangerous situation through self-defense is an extremely valuable skill to have. On top of that, self-defense will help you develop a better sense of your body that doesn’t just rely on your strength or size.

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5 Reasons to Take Self-Defense Class

At McMahon Training Center, our self-defense program uses martial arts skills to help you defend yourself. You’ll learn these skills from our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing instructors.

Still not sure why you need a self-defense class? Read through our five reasons you could benefit from a self-defense class.

Boost Your Confidence

Martial arts is not about strength and size but about skill. Right now, you might feel like you’re defenseless against any outside or predatory attack. But that’s not true — especially if you arm yourself with the understanding that you’re skilled enough to defend yourself. Build your confidence as you learn effective ways to keep yourself safe.

Improve Awareness

There are times when we are unaware of our surroundings or where we are. But when we are unaware is when we are most defenseless. Through self-defense classes, you’ll learn different strategies to keep yourself aware and alert. Then, if a dangerous situation arises, you already have the skills to jump into action and defend yourself.

Strengthen Physical and Mental Health

As we’ve already talked about, self-defense and martial arts is not about being the biggest or strongest person. Instead, self-defense relies on skill, focus, and confidence. If you’ve been the victim of a previous crime, a self-defense course can help you work through that trauma and feel prepared to defend yourself in the future. Once you find this strength, along with the skill to properly defend yourself, you’ll notice an improvement in your physical and mental health.

Keep Yourself and Your Family Safe

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or student yourself, having self-defense skills gives you the ability to keep you and those around you safe. Do you find yourself commuting when it’s dark outside? Then feel confident and prepared by signing up for a self-defense class.

Create a Powerful Message

We don’t have to combat violence with more violence. While self-defense and martial arts is about defending yourself against physical danger, it does so from a place of non-violence and conflict resolution. Whether you’re teaching that lesson to yourself or to your children, share the message that not all danger or violence has to be matched with equal violence.

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Are you ready to find the mental and physical strength to defend yourself? Sign up for a self-defense class at McMahon Training Center in Fort Collins. Using martial arts techniques, we will help you develop the skill and the confidence to know that you can defend yourself against even the biggest or strongest of threats.