7/20 Weekly Curriculum


  • In order to follow the state/county requirements for face masks, as well as to have less exposure between the MT kickboxing & the BJJ students/better contact tracing, we have installed several hooks around the edge of both mats for student’s face masks. Please come to class wearing your face mask, keep it on in the locker rooms, and then once you are on the mat if you prefer you can take it off and hang it on a hook. Any time you are off the mat you need to have a face mask on. We will clean the hooks off after each class to keep everything disinfected.
  • We are also starting a fist bump only policy to help reduce the spread of germs. When you are training please only fist bump rather than shaking or slapping hands.
  • Thank you for doing your part to help us follow the state/county rules and to help with the exposure between our two different programs.

Adult BJJ All-levels A Day

Pulling guard, Fan sweep

Adult BJJ All-levels B Day

Pulling guard, Fan sweep, Guillotine & Kimura

Adult BJJ Advanced

Guard pull, breaking posture, closed guard

Muay Thai Kickboxing Fundamentals


Muay Thai Kickboxing Int/Adv

Practical application of the clinch

Kids Mat Chat

Good manners, magic words and how to say them

Little Champs

Fan sweep

Jr. Grapplers

Gift wrap from mount

Kids Muay Thai

Knee strikes