Weekly Curriculum 08/26/2019

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids

Develop the Courage for Greatness


Closed Labor Day Weekend-Saturday, Sunday, Monday.  Back to regular schedule on Tuesday September 3rd.  
There will be a open mats:  Saturday 1pm, Sunday 12pm, and Monday 6pm
Starting September 1st all of the black belt classes will switch back to being in the gi.
We have a position open for anyone that has experience with building maintenance as well as a two openings for someone to help clean the mats in the afternoon around 2:00/2:30.   Theses are partial trades memberships and anyone that is interested should leave their contact info at the front desk.

Weekly Curriculum 08/26/2019

THOUGHTS:  Muscle Memory

Martial arts must be based on how you feel your opponent react.  The timing to make a decision is not based on what you think you should be doing.  It is about your body recognizing the move and automatically doing it.  It’s about muscle memory.  When you react you don’t allow your mind the time to get filled with emotion.


Fundamentals A

  • Technique 1-Step & Jab
  • Technique 2-Roundhouse Kick Defense
  • Technique 3-Back Escape A

Fundamentals B

  • Technique 1-Step & Jab
  • Technique 2-Thai Clinch & Knees
  • Technique 3-Back Escape B


  • Technique 1-Double leg
  • Technique 2- Stance in Motion (level change, down block, sprawl)
  • Technique 3-Escape the Mount

Black Belt

  • Closed guard- Shawn Williams guars/rubber guard week 2


KICKBOXING – Round Kicks


MUAY THAI – Boxing Week


KIDS – Mat Chat- Dinner Before Dessert

Little Champs: Super Swim Kid

Jr. Grapplers- Standing up in base

JG Intermediate- Knee to Elbow Escape

AdvancedJG-side control- Arm Triangle