Weekly Curriculum 9/2/19

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids

Develop the Courage for Greatness


We have a position open for someone to help clean the mats in the afternoon around 2:00/2:30.   Theses are partial trades memberships and anyone that is interested should leave their contact info at the front desk.

Wednesday September 18th from 6-8pm we will be doing a celebration of life seminar and training for Bill.  This seminar will be a fundraiser where we will show some of Bills favorite techniques combined with some live training.


Celebration of Life Seminar for Bill Hanneman- Webnesday, September 18th 6-8pm

Anti-Bully Defense Seminar– September 24th and 25th- FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Alberto Crane Seminar– October 4th

Weekly Curriculum 09/02/2019

THOUGHTS: You can either be a thermostat or a thermometer in class and life.

A thermometer tells the temperature, where a thermostat sets the temperature.  To set the temperature in class do the following:

Have a smile on your face

-Encourage your partner

-Tell your partner their doing well

-Count loud in the warm up and during other drills

-Move quickly when switching positions

-Have a good attitude even when you lose


Fundamentals A

  • Technique 1-Step & Jab
  • Technique 2-Haymaker Defense
  • Technique 3-Collar Chokes A&B from the Back

Fundamentals B

  • Technique 1-Step & Jab
  • Technique 2-Haymaker Defense
  • Technique 3-Armbar from the Back


  • Technique 1-Double leg
  • Technique 2- High crouch/head outside single using the gi
  • Technique 3-Attack the back (review basics of collar chokes and armbars, teach Eliot sequence when uki escapes, finishing with collar choke b on top from technical mount)

Black Belt

  • Passing the Closed Guard




MUAY THAI – Leg Kick Offense and Strategy


KIDS – Mat Chat- Taking Responsibility

Little Champs: Super Balance Kid

Jr. Grapplers- Guard Clinch- blocking Punches

JG Intermediate- Back Control- Collar Choke A

AdvancedJG-side control-Back Control- Back Attacks