Weekly Curriculum 09/16/19

Jiu jitsu student in pink gi kicking the hand of her instructor in black giBJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids

Develop the Courage for Greatness


Celebration of life seminar Sept.18th.

Anti bullying Seminars- September 25th & 26th- Open to the Fort Collins Public!

 link to Bully Seminar Facebook event

September 21st- Five Grappling Tournament

Weekly Curriculum 09/16/2019

THOUGHTS: Reacting to what is given to you

“The perfect technique is one without much effort or conscious thought applied at the right time in the right direction, with the right amount of force – a spontaneous reaction to the opportunity presented by the opponent’s movement.”  Unknown Judoka


Fundamentals A

  • Technique 1-6 count blocking
  • Technique 2-Rear Bearhug over
  • Technique 3-Passing Closed Guard under (in a street fight)

Fundamentals B

  • Technique 1-6 count blocking
  • Technique 2-Rear Bearhug Under
  • Technique 3-Passing Closed Guard under (technical with GI)


  • Technique 1-Lower Back Clinch
  • Technique 2- Re-Position the Guard
  • Technique 3- Armbar from Guard, Armbar to Triangle

Black Belt

  • Open Guard bottom week 1



MUAY THAI – Long Knees


KIDS – Mat Chat- Wherever you are, Be there

Little Champs: Steamroller

Jr. Grapplers- Hook Sweep

JG Intermediate- Transition from back to mount

AdvancedJG- Back Attacks