THANK YOU to all of our veterans for your service.

“In the fight, only one person can be comfortable. Your job is to transfer the comfortable from your opponent to you.” -Rickson Gracie


Fundamentals A Day

Technique 1-6 count blocking

Technique 2-Dragging rear naked choke standing

Technique 3-Passing guard over (in a street fight)

Fundamentals B Day

Technique 1-6 count blocking

Technique 2-Breaking grips (wrist, sleeve and lapel)

Technique 3-Passing guard over (technical using the gi)

Intermediate Class

Technique 1-Low back clinch

Technique 2-Single leg (review the dump and teach the barsi gar)

Technique 3-Escape from knee on belly (Elbow strip, push to half guard, zebeleza)

Black Belt

Passing half guard week 1

KICKBOXING – Boxing pt. 2

MUAY THAI – Clinch

KIDS –speech- Balance over emotion

Little Champs: Tackle the monster – duck under punch

Jr. Grapplers- Maintaining Side Control and Americana

JG Intermediate- Passing 3/4 mount

Advanced JG- Knee slice pass