white jiu-jitsu belt tied around a white martial arts uniform

How to be a Beginner in Martial Arts


How to be a Beginner in Martial Arts


white jiu-jitsu belt tied around a white martial arts uniform

How Do You Start Something as New as a Martial Art?

     No matter who you are, it can be intimidating starting something new.  This is especially true for martial arts like Muay Thai kickboxing or Brazilian jiu-jitsu where one learns how to punch and kick people, apply choke holds, or bend joints in the wrong direction. Good news, though — martial arts is for everyone! At McMahon Training Center (MTC) it’s our belief  that if our students come to class consistently and persist in their learning and training that they will eventually excel in their martial arts learning. To quote Neale Donald Walsch, “Life begins at the end of our comfort zone.”  When we have the courage to try something new, whether its a formal BJJ class or a fast-paced kickboxing bag workout, we will see great benefits in conquering our anxiety, fear, and discomfort in trying something new. You can Click the photo above to see Gracie Magazine’s “10 Jiu-Jitsu Tips for Beginners”

Moms, Collegiate Wrestlers, Children — Martial Arts for All!

old woman in blue gi on jiu jitsu mat with younger woman in blue gi

        At McMahon Training Center (MTC), it is always a priority for us to create the most beginner friendly and inclusive environment possible. We have classes for students of all ages and levels — whether its a 50 year old mother of three who got interested in jiu-jitsu from watching her children train, a 4 year old looking to gain some socialization skills, confidence, and self-discipline, or a 24 year old former collegiate wrestler looking to learn both BJJ and Muay Thai in order to compete or even fight in a mixed-martial arts (MMA) competition.


Just Start!

         No matter who you are you will find our beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes will allow you to learn the martial arts and improve together as a team and as a community.
The martial arts, BJJ especially, are not about who is the fastest, strongest, or most athletic. Knowledge and technique are the great equalizers. At MTC we see ourselves as a martial arts academy rather than a “fight school.” When students  come in and try a free kickboxing class or free BJJ class, afterward they can enroll in our classes; the same way one might enroll in a college course or certification program. Students that train here will find themselves in a safe, structured, technical program with a huge sense of team camaraderie and regard for others.

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All Levels Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing at McMahon Training Center — A Great Place to Start


      You have to start somewhere – everyone was once a beginner in the martial arts at some point! Our coaches, black belt professors, and experienced students at our school are all happy to partner up with the beginners and help them learn the martial arts. Many people are able to learn the most by teaching techniques to newer students. If a more experienced student can help a newer student, eventually that newer student will be able to challenge the more experienced student in training and help them improve. The bottom line is that if you can come in to classes with a positive attitude and be open to learning, no matter who you are you WILL get better. 

What are some thoughts or ideas that helped you when you were a new student to martial arts?  If you are new, what questions or concerns do you have? Tell us about it in the comments. See you on the mats!

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