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1/4 Weekly Curriculum

Adult BJJ Fundamentals A Day

Double leg takedown, maintain side control

Adult BJJ Fundamentals B Day

Double leg setups, Americana & Kimura from side control

Adult BJJ Int/Adv

Reposition the guard, pendulum sweep and armbar from closed guard

Adult BJJ Advanced

Escape/defend submissions mount week 1

Muay Thai Kickboxing Fundamentals


Muay Thai Kickboxing Int/Adv

Leg kick defense & counters

Kids Mat Chat

Having a good attitude

Little Champs

Super swim kid maintain the mount

Jr. Grapplers

Triangle choke from closed guard week 3

Jr. Grapplers Intermediate

Sliding collar chokes from back, bow & arrow

Jr. Grapplers Advanced

Coach’s choice

Kids Muay Thai

Switch kick week 2