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1/11 Weekly Curriculum


  1. You may have noticed that the instructors are using their phones during the first part of class. This is because we are starting a new process where the instructors are helping the front desk staff to make sure that the class count is correct. 
  2. We are looking for a new daytime cleaner for Mondays and Wednesdays. 
    1. Cleaning must be done between 1:30 and 3 PM
    2. Start date 1/18
    3. In exchange for cleaning you get reduced tuition. Talk to the front desk for details.

Adult BJJ Fundamentals A Day

Guillotine, escape the mount (buck & roll)

Adult BJJ Fundamentals B Day

Guillotine, escape the mount (knee to elbow)

Adult BJJ Int/Adv

Passing the closed guard (bad posture pass)

Adult BJJ Advanced

Escape/defend submissions mount week 2

Muay Thai Kickboxing Fundamentals


Muay Thai Kickboxing Int/Adv


Kids Mat Chat

Being loyal to those not present

Little Champs

Super Balance Kid maintain the mount

Jr. Grapplers

The difference between fighting and wrestling stances

Jr. Grapplers Intermediate

Sliding collar chokes A & B from the back, bow & arrow choke

Jr. Grapplers Advanced

Coach’s choice

Kids Muay Thai

Attacking the head and body