9/21 Weekly Curriculum


  1. Please remember to wear your face mask everywhere while you are inside of the academy (including the locker room). You can remove your mask after you get on the mat and before you start training. Please put your mask back on when class is over and you leave the mat. Don’t forget to take your mask home with you.
  2. If you are training BJJ on the south side mat then please bring your shoes with you and exit the south facing door after class. You can put your shoes beneath the bleachers or next to the south side exit.

Adult BJJ Fundamentals A Day

Osoto Gari, Back escape A

Adult BJJ Fundamentals B Day

Osoto Gari, Back escape B

Adult BJJ Int/Adv

Breaking grips, passing half guard

Adult BJJ Advanced

Open guard bottom week 3

Muay Thai Kickboxing Fundamentals

Angles of attack

Muay Thai Kickboxing Int/Adv

Leg kick defense and counters

Kids Mat Chat

5 rules of safety; Use your mind

Little Champs

Reposition open guard week 2

Jr. Grapplers

Single leg takedown to the dump

Jr. Grapplers Int/Adv

Professor’s choice

Kids Muay Thai

Switch kick