Adult jiu-jitsu student in white uniform demonstrates choking technique on martial arts student in black gi

Weekly Curriculum! 07/15/2019

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids

7.15.2019 – 7.21.2019

THOUGHTS: Family Friendly Environment

Our number one priority at the academy is to make sure we have a place where everyone can feel comfortable to train. Training martial arts is “the great equalizer. Your personal beliefs, your background, job, social standing – all of those are important – but when it comes time to train, the goal is to put all that aside and learn martial arts. We have a lot of kids and families that train here and we love it. Please help us by making sure to keep your language and attitude family-friendly. Oftentimes even during adult classes we still have children at the academy. Help us by continuing to promote the type of culture that keeps our academy so successful. Thank you!



  • Technique 1-6 count blocking
  •  Technique 2-Armbar standing
  •  Technique 3-Armbar & Kimura from the guard clinch.


  • Technique 1-6 count blocking
  • Technique 2-Armbar standing while walking back
  • Technique 3-Triangle from guard

Black Belt

  •  Leg lock review and Heel Hooks



MUAY THAI – CLINCH-Practical Applications

This week will be a review of offensive and defensive clinch positions to drill, followed up by live rounds in the clinch. The focus this week should be practical application of techniques and concepts learned from clinch last week. Understanding positioning, scoring, where to “finish” in the clinch, adjusting to taller or shorter opponents, etc. The more time students spend in the grapple this week, the more comfortable they will be overall. Lots of slow-paced, low intensity, “live” rounds.

KIDS – Good Attitude

Good Attitude- Having a Whatever it Takes Attitude

Little Champs: Technique Osoto Gari- Snap Down Set Up

Jr. Grapplers: Technique Fan Sweep



July 27th 9am Grappling Industries tournament at the Foothills Fieldhouse in Denver.  We will have several students from our competition team competing in this gi/no gi tournament.  This will be a great opportunity for anyone interested in competing in the future to check out a local tournament and also for anyone that would like to come down and cheer on the competition team.  Check in at the front desk for more information.