children martial arts student gathered in circle listening to their coach talk

Weekly Curriculum 7/22/19

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids

7.15.2019 – 7.21.2019

THOUGHTS: Importance of belonging

As humans, we need to belong. To one another, to our friends and families, to our culture and country, to our world.  Belonging is primal, fundamental to our sense of happiness and well-being.  Belonging is a psychological lever that has broad consequences. Our interests, motivation, health and happiness are inextricably tied to the feeling that we belong to a greater community that may share common interests and aspirations.  Isolation, loneliness and low social status can harm a person’s subjective sense of well-being, as well as his or her intellectual achievement, immune function and health. Research shows that even a single instance of exclusion can undermine well-being, IQ test performance, and self-control.


Fundamentals A

  • Technique 1-6 count blocking
  • Technique 2-Dragging rear naked choke standing
  • Technique 3-Passing guard over (in a street fight)

Fundamentals B

  • Technique 1-6 count blocking
  • Technique 2-Breaking grips (wrist, sleeve and lapel)
  • Technique 3-Passing guard over (technical using the gi)


  • Technique 1-LBC
  • Technique 2 Ouchi gari (inside trip) from the over/under clinch
  • Technique 3-Passing half guard using cross face and passing lapel under uki’s head

Black Belt

  • Heel hook defense and other leglock defense



MUAY THAI – Teeps/push kicks


KIDS – Having a “whatever it takes” attitude

Good Attitude- Having a Whatever it Takes Attitude

Little Champs: Warrior Week

Jr. Grapplers: Fan Sweep, kimura, Over choke from mount



July 27th 9am Grappling Industries tournament at the Foothills Fieldhouse in Denver.  We will have several students from our competition team competing in this gi/no gi tournament.  This will be a great opportunity for anyone interested in competing in the future to check out a local tournament and also for anyone that would like to come down and cheer on the competition team.  Check in at the front desk for more information.

Training Day coming up August 17th 11am-1:30pm all levels teens and adults