Jiu-jitsu blue and purple belts on top of black jiu-jitsu gi

Weekly Curriculum 08/05/2019

no-gi-jiu-jitsu-coah-has-a-student-on-her-back-attempting-a-rear-naked-chokeBJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids


THOUGHTS:  Being comfortable during combat

“In the fight, only one person can be comfortable. Your job is to transfer the comfortable from your opponent to you.”

                                                                                                                                                       -Rickson Gracie


Fundamentals A

  • Technique 1-Front rolls
  • Technique 2-Rear choke defense
  • Technique 3-Maintain knee on belly

Fundamentals B

  • Technique 1-Back rolls
  • Technique 2-Front bear hug defense (over and under)
  • Technique 3-Attacks from knee on belly (armbar from knee on belly and choke from back)


  • Technique 1-LBC
  • Technique 2 Double leg defense to front headlock
  • Technique 3-Escape side control (using the frame when uki switches base toward head)

Black Belt

  • Week 2 Half guard, lockdown

KICKBOXING – Angles of attack


MUAY THAI – Round Kick Offense and Strategy


KIDS – Mat Chat- Being a Good Finder

Little Champs: Tiger Chomp

Jr. Grapplers: Fighting Stance- LBC

AdvancedJG-Head and Arm Choke from Mount



Saturday, August 17th
11:00 A.M.—1:30 P.M.
All levels teen and adult BJJ students — fun and friendly live training and belt promotions. All levels teen and Adult kickboxing/muay thai students
seminar and shirt promotions. Let’s pack the mat and get everyone together for some awesome training!
FREE Muay Thai seminar by Wes Argrow!
Saturday, August 24th
12:00—4:00 P.M.
The Easton school in Denver will be hosting kickboxing scrimmages and a BBQ! Some of our students will be competing at this event — let’s get a great turnout of support!
Thurs.—Sat. August 21st—24th
Las Vegas
The IBJJF is hosting master’s world in Vegas! Some members of our team will be competing! Ask the front desk about details to watch the matches if you are interested.
Saturday, August 10th
11 A.M-3 P.M.