5 Ways Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Benefits Your Child


#1 Individual Focus

cartoon image of child martial arts black belt Many kids who are not interested in team sports are often drawn to individual sports. Tennis, cross-country running, golf, and brazilian jiu-jitsu are examples of sports that focus more on individual performance rather than performing as a group.  Surprisingly, BJJ often attracts more analytical, introverted types who prefer to approach problems from a systematic perspective. It’s why so many engineers and successful business people also train jiu-jitsu. At McMahon Training Center, your child will be engaged in learning without some of the pressure that may come with performing for a team. Your son or daughter will be able to harness strengths as an individual in order to develop fitness, confidence, and self-defense skills.


#2 Experiencing Adversity

text about adversity fall seven times stand up eightLife is full of challenges. What BJJ training provides for your child is a controlled space to face adversity in a natural setting. Focus and consistency in training have direct pay-offs when children can see how their hard work on the jiu-jitsu mat allows them to perform better. They can also see how techniques and belts can only be earned through hard work — there are no shortcuts.The physicality of BJJ is a great way for children to become comfortable and confident in their bodies — and also to learn their limits. These benefits translate to every other area of life, allowing our kids to be successful, confident, and well-adapted.




#3 Brazilian jiu-jitsu for Fitness

child in blue brazilian jiu-jitsu gi in side control on top of his father in white giThe many benefits of fitness on physical, mental, and emotional health are too many to discuss in this short blog. Through training martial arts, your child will gain strength, increase cardio and improve flexibility all while having fun and learning the practical skill of self-defense. Your child will learn how to manage stress and emotions through exercise and self-discipline. Fort Collins is one of the fittest cities not just in Colorado but in the whole country. McMahon Training Center is a huge part of the fitness community in Fort Collins. We provide an academy where hundreds of adults and kids come every day come to experience the benefits of a great workout.




#4 Socialization

group of brazilian jiu-jitsu students posing for group photo at the end of a training dayWe are in a society that promotes connectedness, but many times through digital platforms rather than in person. Jiu-jitsu provides an opportunity for your child to experience face to face interaction. At McMahon Training Center we teach children of all ages different concepts through our mat chats – such as how to greet someone properly, how to use manners, how to project confidence with body language and more. Your children will learn how to communicate more effectively. They will also meet new friends that they can work on techniques with. They will experience the benefits of physical play with a variety of other kids.


#5 Confidence

blonde haired child brazilian jiu-jitsu student has his dad in side controlConfidence doesn’t come from talking about confidence or accomplishing easy tasks. Confidence comes from doing difficult things that are out of our comfort zones. Our kids brazilian jiu-jitsu classes provide a healthy challenge for your child to begin to master a difficult skill. Oftentimes at our Fort Collins academy we have interested parents decide to take a BJJ class of their own. They are often surprised at how difficult jiu-jitsu can feel at first! It’s a good way to emphasize with what their children are going through every day in class! And kids, unlike (most) adults, are still learning the emotional skills to manage some of these situations. The keys to building confidence in kids are consistent applied practice with a healthy, encouraging environment that provides adequate challenges. BJJ will give your child confidence through fitness and body awareness, confidence through self-defense and overcoming bullying, confidence through socialization and friends, confidence through praise and mastery, and confidence through overcoming adversity!


Training jiu jitsu will provide many benefits for your child. Because we are a Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu affiliate academy, we hold our instructors to the highest standard to ensure maximum benefit for all of our students. If your child has not yet done classes with us, contact us through phone or email to get started on 2 free weeks!

What are some ways BJJ has benefited you or your child? Let us know in the comments section!