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Weekly Curriculum 08/12/2019

Finnie mcmahon in blue gi high fiving kids brazilian jiu jitsu student in grey uniform

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids


Saturday, August 17th
11:00 A.M.—1:30 P.M.
All levels teen and adult BJJ students — fun and friendly live training and belt promotions. All levels teen and Adult kickboxing/muay thai students
seminar and shirt promotions. Let’s pack the mat and get everyone together for some awesome training!
FREE Muay Thai seminar by Wes Argrow!
Saturday, August 24th
12:00—4:00 P.M.
The Easton school in Denver will be hosting kickboxing scrimmages and a BBQ! Some of our students will be competing at this event — let’s get a great turnout of support!
Thurs.—Sat. August 21st—24th
Las Vegas
The IBJJF is hosting master’s world in Vegas! Some members of our team will be competing! Ask the front desk about details to watch the matches if you are interested.

Weekly Curriculum 08/12/2019

THOUGHTS:  Gratitude


When you focus on the things that you do have rather then the things you don’t have your attitude totally changes.  Focus not only on the big things but the little things like having running water, cloths to wear, food to eat, when we try to celebrate life our outlook totally changes.  Let’s all try to think of the things that we are grateful for first thing in the morning and before we go to bed at night and see what happens.  If we apply this to martial arts we see how fortunate we are just to be able to do something like this.


Fundamentals A

  • Technique 1-Footwork
  • Technique 2-Pummeling
  • Technique 3-Front chokes over/under and scissor sweep from guard

Fundamentals B

  • Technique 1-Footwork
  • Technique 2-Pummeling to LBC, finish with leg trip
  • Technique 3-Taking the back from guard


  • Technique 1-Push Single using the gi
  • Technique 2- Headlock escape review 1-3 (pendulum, throw football, grab and pull)
  • Technique 3-Escape scarfhold- bridge over head

Black Belt

  • Passing the lockdown



MUAY THAI – Round Kicks


KIDS – Mat Chat- Being loyal to those not present

Little Champs: Tiger Chomp

Jr. Grapplers- Standing up in base

JG Intermediate- Arm triangle from mount

AdvancedJG-side control- top