Weekly Curriculum 09/23/19

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids

Develop the Courage for Greatness

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.” – Nelson Mandela


Anti bullying Seminars- September 25th & 26th- Open to the Fort Collins Public!

 link to Bully Seminar Facebook event

September 21st- Five Grappling Tournament – HAS BEEN CANCELLED 

October 4th Alberto Crane Seminar

Weekly Curriculum 09/16/2019


There is a three letter word that is responsible for most of the injuries that students get.  For students quitting, for frustration during your training, for feeling like your never good enough.  This three letter word is the ego.  Unlike any other sport BJJ & MT forces the practitioner to look at their ego in the face.  When you walk into the Academy you have to leave your ego at the door.  When we train with our partners this is a time to learn not just see who wins or loses.  We also need to make it clear that this is not an option for a student at MBJJ.  If we feel like you cannot control your ego you may be asked to leave.  Remember this is not a democracy.


Fundamentals A

  • Technique 1-Front Rolls
  • Technique 2-Standing Headlock
  • Technique 3-Armbar on Ground from Safety Position

Fundamentals B

  • Technique 1-Back Rolls
  • Technique 2-Escape Headlock on Ground (Pendulum, Throw the Football, Grab & Pull)
  • Technique 3- N/A


  • Technique 1-LBC
  • Technique 2- Re-Position the Guard
  • Technique 3- Closed Guard-Front Sweep, Hook Sweep to Triangle

Black Belt

  • Open Guard bottom week 2

KICKBOXING – Teeps and Push Kicks


MUAY THAI – Elbows


KIDS – Mat Chat- How to Behave Off of the Mat

Little Champs: Bucking Bronco (sleeping)

Jr. Grapplers- Hook Sweep

JG Intermediate- Transition From Back to Mount When Opponent Gets Their Shoulders to the Mat

AdvancedJG- Back Attacks