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Develop the Courage for Greatness

Being comfortable during combat

“In the fight, only one person can be comfortable. Your job is to transfer the comfortable from your opponent to you.”

Rickson Gracie


– October 4th Alberto Crane Seminar-This seminar is for all levels and you can sign up at the front desk.  Professor Crane is a IBJJF World Champion, UFC veteran, has over 28 years of teaching experience as well as being Professor McMahon’s first BJJ instructor.

-We are having a Referral and Review Raffle During the month of October (details at end of Post)

-We are looking for a cleaner for the weekend. This is one of our trade memberships, if you or anyone you know is interested leave your contact information at the front desk. 

Weekly Curriculum 10/2/2019

THOUGHTS: Competition

At our academy our primary focus is self-defense, fitness and setting the goal to become a Black Belt in BJJ or a Black Shirt in Muay Thai.  On your journey to Black Belt however some students enjoy challenging themselves in competition.  Here are the guidelines if you are interested in competition.


2nd stripe you can come to the competition team practices

3rd stripe you can compete with instructor approval


Green shirt you can come to the competition team practices

You can compete with instructor approval

 We believe that some students are meant to be competitors, some are meant to be teachers, some are meant to come in and learn these great arts to develop confidence and improve fitness.  You will never be pressured into competing.


Fundamentals A

  • Technique 1-Front Rolls
  • Technique 2-Double leg takedown
  • Technique 3-Maintain side control (stopping the roll & guard replacement)

Fundamentals B

  • Technique 1-Back Rolls
  • Technique 2-Double leg takedown set ups (defending against punch & using jab)
  • Technique 3- Americana & Kimura from side control


  • Technique 1-Double leg
  • Technique 2- Osoto gari
  • Technique 3- Standing guard pass

Black Belt

  • Open Guard bottom week 3

KICKBOXING –Angles of Attack

MUAY THAI – Clinch

KIDS – Mat Chat- Mind Over Emotion

Little Champs: Bucking Bronco (Awake)

Jr. Grapplers- Armbar from Guard

JG Intermediate- Back Escape B

Advanced JG- Mount Attack