Responsibility of higher ranks to bring up lower ranks

It’s the responsibility of the purple belt to help the blue become purple, the responsibility of the blue to help the white to blue, and the responsibility of the white belt to tell their friends about the school, so we will have more students to train with.  This system is the basis of our culture and is very important. We can show you the techniques but you will really teach each other BJJ. The more advanced and diverse students we have the more people that can challenge you to be your best


  • Intro to sparring-Wednesday October 23rd- 6-7pm
  • Intro to Randori-Thursday October 24th- 6-7pm
  • Kids Halloween party- October 29th- Wear costumes during regular classes. PLEASE, NO GLITTER!!!
  • October 31st- Kids Classes Cancelled


Fundamentals A

  • Technique 1-Footwork
  • Technique 2-Slap to low back clinch (focus on body fold)
  • Technique 3-Maintain the mount and taking the back with RNC

Fundamentals B

  • Technique 1-Footwork
  • Technique 2-Slap to low back clinch (adding leg trip)
  • Technique 3-Attack the mount (armbar & front chokes)


  • Technique 1-Double leg
  • Technique 2- Blocking punches, rush to double leg
  • Technique 3- Attack the mount (armbar & front chokes)

Black Belt

  • Passing Open guard week 2


MUAY THAI – Teeps/Push Kick Offense

KIDS – Mat Chat- Body Over Emotion

Little Champs: Fighting Stance and Blocking Punches

Jr. Grapplers- Double Under Pass

JG Intermediate- Ouchi Gatri

Advanced JG- Mount Attacks