What is "Randori" Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

finnie mcmahon a jiu jitsu black belt attempts an armbar submission during randori live trainingRandori | Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu terms

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has its roots in Japan. There are still Japanese words we use in BJJ. For example, a jiu-jitsu uniform, or “gi” is also more traditionally called a kimono. Another example is the word “randori.” Randori is a term used in jiu-jitsu to describe live training, also known as rolling.

Why train live in B.J.J.

Training live in Brazilian jiu-jitsu is important. It lets a person see what techniques work for self-defense. And the workout is amazing. Many students say that the most fun they have in Jiu-jitsu class is training live. Training live can sometimes be intimidating for newer students. At McMahon Training Center we prioritize our students’ safety during BJJ training. This allows students to benefit from randori with low risk of injury.

teenaged male in black gi applying omoplata submission on another jiu jitsu student during randoriGoal of a roll in randori

The goal in jiu-jitsu randori is to improve technique. It is not to beat everyone. Nor is it to use as much strength and speed as possible. A beginner student that trains with control and does not rely on strength and speed will improve quickly in their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training. They will rely on technique which over time dominates strength and speed. It is easy to add strength and speed to a move after developing the technique. It is much harder to add technique to strength and speed. One day in training or self-defense a student will likely encounter someone bigger, stronger, and faster. Technique trumps all.

student in white gi applies a front choke from the top of mount during a randori live training sessionHow to train during BJJ

Make sure to stay calm. Control your breathing and your body. Slap hands with your partner before and after training. This lets your partner know you are ready to train. The slap and bump is also a sign of respect. Try to work the moves you know in a controlled way. Having a positive attitude can help keep training fun. Flowing through sequences of moves will help you start to see patterns. If you are feeling stuck, in many cases it is better to do something rather than nothing. Keep moving!

woman in gray uniform attempting a rear naked choke during brazilian jiu jitsu randoriJitz for all

At McMahon Training Center, we will make sure you have a safe environment to train. Our academy works to help improve one another. We are not a fight school where we improve at the expense of others. Let’s all have fun and get a great workout in! See you on the mat!