THOUGHTS: Family Friendly Environment

Our number one priority at the academy is to make sure we have a place where everyone can feel comfortable to train. Training martial arts is “the great equalizer. Your personal beliefs, your background, job, social standing – all of those are important – but when it comes time to train, the goal is to put all that aside and learn martial arts. We have a lot of kids and families that train here and we love it. Please help us by making sure to keep your language and attitude family-friendly. Oftentimes even during adult classes we still have children at the academy. Help us by continuing to promote the type of culture that keeps our academy so successful. Thank you!


  • Intro to sparring-Wednesday October 23rd- 6-7pm-This event will run from 6-7pm and is open to students of all levels.  The goal of this class is to get new students comfortable training live in BJJ.  We will have a lot of our advanced students on the mat for this class and it’s sure to be a lot of fun.
  • Intro to Randori-Thursday October 24th- 6-7pm
  • Kids Halloween party- October 29th- Wear costumes during regular classes. PLEASE, NO GLITTER!!!
  • October 31st- Kids Classes Cancelled
  • Referral and Review Raffle!

    Write us a review on yelp, facebook, or google OR refer a friend to try out a free class any time during the month of October.
    You will automatically be entered into a raffle.
    Prizes include a free BJJ private lesson with Prof. Finnie,  a free Kickboxing lesson with Coach Jordan, and pro-shop credit.


Fundamentals A

  • Technique 1-Step & Jab
  • Technique 2-Guillotine standing
  • Technique 3-Back escape A

Fundamentals B

  • Technique 1-Step & Jab
  • Technique 2-Guillotine defense
  • Technique 3-Back escape B


  • Technique 1-Double leg
  • Technique 2-Single leg defense (put on the boot)
  • Technique 3- Half guard bottom (taking back, guard replacement, classic gordo sweep)

Black Belt

  • Half guard bottom week 1


MUAY THAI – Teeps/Push Kick Offense

KIDS – Halloween party- We  will be having our Halloween Party on Tuesday Oct. 29th. The kids should come dressed in their costumes. No glitter is allowed! We will be playing games and having a costume contest.

Little Champs: Bully Base

Jr. Grapplers- Double Under Pass

JG Intermediate- Ouchi Gatri

Advanced JG- Passing the Guard