-We will be Closed For Thanksgiving and will be posting some open mat times soon!


When you focus on the things that you do have rather then the things you don’t have your attitude totally changes.  Focus not only on the big things but the little things like having running water, cloths to wear, food to eat, when we try to celebrate life our outlook totally changes.  Let’s all try to think of the things that we are grateful for first thing in the morning and before we go to bed at night and see what happens.  If we apply this to martial arts we see how fortunate we are just to be able to do something like this.


Fundamentals A Day

Technique 1-Front rolls

Technique 2-Double leg take down

Technique 3-Escape side control (using the frame to guard)

Fundamentals B Day

Technique 1-Back rolls

Technique 2-Double leg take down set ups (defending against haymaker punch and using the jab if time)

Technique 3-Escape side control (using the pummel to the back)

Intermediate Class

Technique 1-Low Back clinch

Technique 2-Breaking posture in closed guard

Technique 3-Soneca series from closed guard (omoplata, triangle & straight armbar from overhook)

Black Belt

Passing half guard week 2

KICKBOXING – Teeps and Push Kicks

MUAY THAI – Open Stance Tactics

KIDS –speech- Words Over Emotion

Little Champs: Tackle the Monster – Slap Variation

Jr. Grapplers- Americana from side control

JG Intermediate- Passing 3/4 Mount -Swinging Leg Over Head

Advanced JG- Passing the Guard