Speech: Complementing your training outside of the Academy

 Everything that is good for your body is good for the practice of martial arts.  Some of the things that we recommend are:

  1. A Healthy diet
  2. Drink plenty of water-bring a water bottle to practice and drink at least 8 classes of water per day.
  3. Eat well balanced meals, it is really good to do a protein shake right after training or make sure to eat a meal with lots of protein.
  4. Doing other activities outside the Academy like hiking, running, or riding a bike.  The Gracie family is big in doing things outside and felt that it got them in touch with themselves and nature.
  5. Stretching-Yoga is a great complement to Martial arts.  I recommend doing a 20 minute stretch first thing in the morning if you can work it into your routine.  Try to stretch after class if there is not another class starting.


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Fundamentals A Day

Technique 1-Footwork

Technique 2-Roundhouse kick defense

Technique 3-Back escape A

Fundamentals B Day

Technique 1-Footwork

Technique 2-Thai clinch & knees

Technique 3-Back escape B

Intermediate Class

Technique 1-Double Leg

Technique 2-Modified Kouchi Gari

Technique 3-Attack the mount (front chokes over and under, technical armbar from S-mount)

Black Belt

Personal game development

KICKBOXING – Round Kicks

MUAY THAI – Leg Kick Defense and Counters

KIDS –speech- New Years Resolution

Little Champs: Warrior Week

Jr. Grapplers-Escape the Mount- Buck and Roll

JG Intermediate- Teach Your Favorite Technique

Advanced JG- Passing the Guard