Gary Needham

Black Belt

Professor Garry is a “Wyoming Boy” who drives 50 miles south in order to feed his BJJ addiction. He has always dabbled in Martial Arts but found BJJ during his planned “Mid-life Crisis” MMA stint. After numerous canceled fights and absorbing way too many head kicks, OMG decided to concentrate on BJJ. In 2009, he found McMahons and started training under Professors Tessa and Finnie.
When Garry is not on the mats, he is usually pressing his luck on the High Andes Peaks of Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Ecuador. He enjoys Alpine climbing and Ski Mountaineering in Wyoming and Colorado. And he has summited all the Colorado 14ers. To relax he likes to fly fish and travel with his family. Gary is also a green shirt in our Muay Thai kickboxing program.
He owes BJJ for getting him through the toughest of times and for blessing him with the best group of friends a man could ask for. He is one of the leaders of our competition team and has won gold medals in many IBJJF championships, including the brown belt division of the Worlds Masters, World No Gi Masters, and in 2017 won the gold medal in the Pan American championships, after which he was awarded his Black Belt on the Podium.