1200 x 800 x 72 ppi Weekly Curriculum Post

11/30 Weekly Curriculum


We are holding a month long food drive and Christmas sale. Everything in the pro shop is 10% off this month–get an extra 10% off if you bring in non-perishable food for the food drive. Everything on the clearance rack (located outside of the north Office) is 70% off! Let’s see how much food we can bring in to help local families in need this Christmas.

Adult BJJ Fundamentals A Day

Haymaker defense, collar chokes A & B from back

Adult BJJ Fundamentals B Day

Haymaker defense, armbar from the back

Adult BJJ Int/Adv

Attack the back (review basic chokes and learn bow & arrow)

Adult BJJ Advanced

Escape / defend submissions in side control

Muay Thai Kickboxing Fundamentals

Boxing week

Muay Thai Kickboxing Int/Adv

Open stance tactics

Kids Mat Chat

Trust your intuition; If in doubt, get out

Little Champs

Warrior week

Jr. Grapplers

Fan sweep from closed guard

Jr. Grapplers Intermediate

Review submissions, knee-to-elbow escape bottom mount

Jr. Grapplers Advanced

Coach’s choice

Kids Muay Thai

Kick defense