MTC Weekly Curriculum 2/17/2020


Showing respect for classes before/after your class

Having an Academy where students are respectful to each other and the instructors is something that has always set our school a part from others.  This week we are reminding all of the students of some of our current policies:

1-The current class that is taking place is the most important thing that is happening at the Academy and must be shown respect.

2-If you are waiting for your class to begin or if you’re leaving class please keep the conversation volume down.  Socializing is one of the best aspects about martial arts but we must do so in a quiet way that does not disrupt the current class.

3-If you are participating in Randori/kickboxing sparring while another class is going on be as quiet as possible.

4-No one is allowed on the mat before or after your class time.  All classes have a warm up to make sure that you don’t injure yourself in class.  When you arrive early please sit in the waiting area until your class begins.                                                               5-You are welcome to bring older kids while you train but they must sit quietly in the waiting area and are not allowed in other areas of the Academy unless they need to use the bathroom.


  • We are having a Kid’s Training Day Thur. Feb. 27 from 4:30-6-:00. The is a great way to connect the kids from the different programs. This event is for all age groups and belts.
  • Friday February 21st Fight To Win weigh ins at the academy
  • Saturday February 22nd Fight to Win tournament in Denver
  • New Morning BJJ-All Levels Classes start in March- M & W 6:30am-7:30am



Fundamentals A Day

Technique 1-Footwork

Technique 2-Slap to low back clinch (focus on body fold)

Technique 3-Maintain the mount core 4, and taking the back with RNC

Fundamentals B Day

Technique 1-Footwork

Technique 2-Slap to low back clinch (adding leg trip)

Technique 3-Attack the mount (armbar & front chokes)

Intermediate Class

Technique 1-Double leg

Technique 2-Blocking punches standing-instructor calls out rush to the double leg

Technique 3-Passing the closed guard (Bad posture pass-knee through the middle and hand weave if time)

Black Belt

The Mount (top) Week 1

KICKBOXING – Angles of Attack


KIDS –speech- What Is A Stranger?

Little Champs:Hipping Out

Jr. Grapplers- Armbar from Back

JG Intermediate- Walk Around Armbar from Knee on Belly

Advanced JG-Half Guard with Slade!